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Vanu Sovereignty


- The Fallen Lords -

  War History


The Fallen Lords belong to the Vanu Sovereignty faction on the planet Auraxis.  They were among the first technolords to break away from the Terran Republic after a disagreement regarding the study of alien technology being unearthed on their new planet.  Before the Vanu tech ban, the rebirthing chambers where created after reverse engineering one of the earliest located alien artifacts.  Terran Republic Commander Darkwulf, whose name has been forgotten and erased from the republic database since the start of the 200 year war, was one of the first to break away from the government.  Realizing rebirthing chamber technology could keep him and his men alive to fight for what they believe.  The Fallen Lords tried to prevent the Terran Republic from banning the research of any and all alien technology believing the betterment of humanity will come from learning all we can.

            Many other Terran’s defected shortly after starting Auraxis’s first civil war that still rages on this current day.  At first the rebirthing tech seemed like miracle technology, but now I think we all understand this war may never end because of its invention.  After the defect, the Terran Republic tightened their grip on the citizens of Auraxis, which only caused further conflict.  Liberty must be renewed from time to time with the blood of the people.  It wasn’t long after the separation of the technolords, the Terran Republic massacred a group protestors belonging to the New Congolmerate civilian corporation group.   This incident was known as the massacre of Liberty’s Call, which sparked a political movement within the New Conglomerate to join in the war against both the Terran Republic and the newly founded Vanu Sovereignty.

            Today The Fallen Lords 42nd tactical division has been reduced to a handful of skilled soldiers.  We reinforce the battle where special operations are needed and often change the tide of war with our presence in the field. 

            If you are interested in joining our cause, please feel free to contact me regarding your enlistment request. 



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